Launch Your Business Entrepreneurship Course

It’s 2018! A new year, a fresh start! About Course This prestigious program has been designed with a specific purpose to identify, nurture and support budding young entrepreneurs across the country realize their dreams. The program imparts essential knowledge of how to start one’s own business venture and the various facets that influence successful setup

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Core Foundation – Social Entrepreneurship Development in Zimbabwe

Core Foundation is a group of young people who have taken it upon themselves to come up with brilliant ideas of partnering with the government in order to improve the lives of the people of Zimbabwe. Core Foundation’s engagement with the Ministry of SMEs is meant to facilitate the development of start-ups and small businesses

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A hybrid organization that focuses on social entrepreneurial development and wealth creation in rural and urban areas using entrepreneurial development and resource creation to sustain communities and enable economic development.

CALL: (263) 77 612 7462 | (263) 77 323 1341

FAX: (263) 4 758061



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