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Africa112 is one of the ground breaking projects which is run by African Union Chapter in partnership with Core Foundation that aims to raise $112 million USD to respond to the needs of the continent’s young people.
The youth are Africa’s largest resources making up to over 65% of the continent’s population. It is know that in Africa, the youth constitutes about 37% of the total labour force, but make up about 60 % total unemployment.
This continental project is aimed at sensitizing on the Agenda 2063 aspiration 6 “an Africa where development is people driven, unleashing the potential of its women and youth,” which will be on a yearly basis.

It is against this background that the Core Foundation and the African Union Chapter are tasked to be the over-arching body of the Africa112 fund that will focus on the youth and women in Africa.
Africa 112 believes in creating a cadre of entrepreneurs who initiate sustainable enterprises that help in empowering marginalised sections of the society.
Africa is going through a youth bulge with the medium age of the population under 25 years old. Creating opportunities for the burgeoning number of youth is a challenge that cannot be solved only at country level.
According to authorities, if properly harnessed this growing working age population could drive Africa’s economic transformation.

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